Frequently asked questions from our brick and mortar store.


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Q: Do you sell guns on consignment?

A: Yes, we sell both used and consignment guns. 

  • If you'd like to sell a firearm through us, we charge 13% of the final price.
  • No charge if the gun doesn't sell.We can advise you on the best asking price, but the price is set by the seller (you).
  • If the gun doesn't sell and you want it back, you'll need to do a background check before we can transfer it, as per Colorado law.

Q: How much are background checks?

A: Background checks are $10.50.

Q: Can I transfer guns at your store?

A: Yes.

  • Transfers cost $35 for up to two guns, and $5 for every additional gun after that.
  • Private transfers between individuals cost $25.
  • Prices include the background check fee.

Q: Do you offer layaway?

A: Yes, our layaway terms are 20% with 90 days to pay. However, we don't offer consignment guns on layaway.

Q: Do you participate in any law enforcement discount programs?

A: Currently we only participate in the Smith & Wesson Law Enforcement Program. However, we do offer an everyday, in-store 5% discount to all military and law enforcement personnel that can be used with any brand of gun.

Q: Do you fix guns?

A: We have trained armorers on staff who can switch out parts and do basic repairs. For more complex projects, there are several professional gunsmiths in the Pueblo and Pueblo West area we can recommend. Please come in or call for more details.

Q: Do you deliver safes?

A: Yes! We deliver locally to Pueblo and Pueblo West for $50. Curbside only. Due to safety concerns, we cannot help you place the safe inside your house. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Q: Is Colorado an open carry state?

A: The short answer is yes. The long answer is that businesses, organizations, and local governments can ban open carry if they want to. Denver, for example, does not allow open carry. Check with your local law enforcement or places that you plan to visit to make sure you can open carry.

Q: Do you have a gun range?

A: Not currently, sorry.

Q: Do you have conceal carry classes?

A: PWGA does not have conceal carry classes. There are some Pueblo and Pueblo West instructors you can query for classes, like Citizen Self Protection TrainingRick Sindeband, or you can find CCW courses in your area at Colorado Handgun Safety or Colorado Firearm Training.*

*PWGA is not affiliated with either of these organizations, nor do we endorse them over any other website. We encourage you to do your own research before signing up for any course.

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